Your generosity matters.

Jesus set up the church to always be "listener-supported."  We see places in scripture such as Acts 2:42-47 describing the church as being a group that supported one another and the ministries God called them to do.  We see Scriptures pointing to God blessing us in order to be a blessing, to be a joyful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7), to not let our left hand know what your right hand is doing when you give to those in need (Matthew 6:3), even a reminder not to forget to give (Hebrews 13:16). 

For me it all comes down to this, as an act of worship will I trust God more than my bank account and sacrificially support what God is doing in the local church?  For me and my family to give is an act of worship. 

Please be in prayer and support the ministries of Engage Church as we Engage Christ and His Word, Gather Together, and Show that Jesus Cares.  Let's grow His kingdom on the South Hill and beyond.